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  • Best program to find back lost data from formatted and re-partitioned hard drives
  • Secure and fast read-only file bringing back software for Windows & Mac OS X
  • My File Recovery performs file regaining after re-installing Windows operating system
  • All in one data restoration tool that rescue files of more than 300 different file formats

Best Way to Recover Files

When any of the file is deleted or lost from any storage device then, usually people leave any hope of data recovery and keep making use of the respective storage device. This happen because they have no idea that file that are lost or deleted can be easily recovered by use of File Recovery tool. Such a thing is possible because when the files are erased then, only file pointer is cleared from file system. Hence, this application just needs to rebuild such loophole to provide such deleted files with utmost ease. Recovery of files from respective drive requires urgency because if any of the deleted or lost file is overwritten by any of the new file or folder, then it would quite impossible to make optimal file recovery.

There are different reasons that causes file loss from any storage device, a few of them are as follows:

File Recovery from External USB Drive

Advanced USB data regaining utility to restore deleted or lost word files, spreadsheets, PDF files & media files. This tool facilitates you to bring back files from pen drive & other external drives like external USB drives, external hard drives, Zip Drives, etc. It supports to obtain back files from all popular brands of USB storage devices like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, Seagate, etc. This tool also provides you the feature to perform file obtaining from emptied Recycle Bin on Windows.



File Recovery after System Restore

Robust data obtaining software to obtain back lost files from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives after a complete system restore. With the advanced scanning algorithm, it recognizes and preserves the hierarchy of files stored along with their names even if you go for file regaining after re-formatting the drive. My File Recovery tool enables user to get back all data lost due to operating system crash.

File Recovery from SD Memory Card

Best program to perform file regaining after deletion of photos, songs or video files from formatted SD cards & other memory cards like CF card, XD Card, Multi Media cards, Smart Media, etc of popular brands of memory cards like Transcend, Kingston, Sony, etc. To perform transcend memory card file recovery, just install this program on your system & connect your memory card. It retrieves all popular audio, video and image file formats along with RAW digital photo file formats. The Mac version of the software supports file recovery from Trash on Mac OS X


File Recovery after Format

Powerful file obtaining software for Mac as well as Windows to obtain files from formatted & re-formatted hard drives. Efficient in bringing back lost files from virus infected external drives, removable flash drives, etc. This tool is also capable of regaining files from hard drives having bad sectors by creating disk image. My File Recovery software also lets you recover files from iPod Shuffle, Classic, Nano etc

Each of these data loss scenarios can be easily solved by usage of this file recovery application. But, to have 100% data recovery, some of the things that any user must keep in mind are:

  • Stop making use of storage device after data loss
  • Downloading and installation of recovery tool must be performed on different drive
  • Formatting or reformatting must not be done

Some of the promising features of File Recovery tool:

  • This software allows its users to check out the files before saving them at any of the desired location.
  • The files that can be restored using this app can be compressed to save memory space.
  • Allows creation of recovery session that can be used to minimize recovery time.
  • Can be easily used to recover files of different types such as images, documents, music, videos, etc.
  • If needed specific file recovery can be done on the basis file type.
  • The files that can be restored can be sorted by usage of file name, creation date, file format and size of the file.

Recent Updates:

Recover Deleted Movies From Hard Disk: Now, its possible to restore intentionally or unintentionally deleted movie clips from hard disk of various types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc supported by several manufacturing brands such as Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Buffalo, Kingston, etc using My File Recovery application. To grab more information, simply click here

File Recovery from Unformatted Drive: Without any difficulty any of you can make use of this application to restore files from unformatted drive. It can be easily implemented for different data loss scenarios such as improper ejection /system shutdown, virus attack, bad sectors, etc. To know more in this context, visit this url:

Recover Lost HTML Files: By making use of the updated version of this software, any of you can easily recover lost HTML files. It can easily handle different HTML loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, deletion from command prompt, loss due to error while transferring, etc. Visit this link to know more about it:

Recover Files from Ghosted Hard Drive: With the help of My File Recovery software, its possible to restore deleted or lost files including photo, video, audio, documents, etc from ghosted hard drive of different types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc compatible with latest versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, etc. For more updated information, simply click here

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from LG Motion: Here is an one stop solution My File Recovery software to get back photos deleted due to accidental deletion, sudden removal or memory card, improper handling of device, etc from LG Motion Smartphone. For more updated information, simply click here

Recover Deleted Files from DCIM Folder: Have you ever accidentally deleted crucial files stored on DCIM folder created by digital camera memory card? In that case, stop worrying and quickly make use of My File Recovery software. This software can get back deleted files such as photo, audio, video, etc from DCIM folder on digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, tablet, etc. For more assistance, simply tap here

Recover Deleted GarageBand Files Mac: In case any of you have deleted some of the GarageBand files accidentally on Mac system, then make use of this software to recover deleted GarageBand files on Mac. Visit this link to know in detail in this context:

Recover Files Deleted With Del Command: Any of you can make use of the updated version of this software to easily rescue files that are deleted from command prompt of Windows system. To know in detail about it visit this link:

Adobe InDesign File Recovery: Now with implementation of this user freindly application any of you can easily restore Adobe InDesign files with ease. Visit this page to know more about this topic:

Recover Files from Acer Aspire One: have you ever accidentally deleted crucial files from your Acer Aspire One laptop hard drive? Then, simply calm down! Because, here is an absolute solution My File Recovery software that is capable enough to get back deleted or lost data including pictures, audio, video, etc from Acer Aspire One laptop on Windows and Mac operating system. To know more informaton, simply click here

Recover Files from Unmountable Drive Mac: One can learn here to easily retrieve deleted or lost files including documents, pictures, audio, video, etc from unmountable drive on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc. For more updated information, simply click here

Recover Deleted Files from Mavericks: If you have lost or deleted any of the files or folders from Mac Mavericks then remain calm and make use of this software as early as possible. Visit this page to know more:

Recover Deleted Files from Panasonic HDD Camcorder: Have you ever accidentally pressed "Delete All" option from Panasonic HDD Camcorder and lost entire data? If so, use My File Recovery software to undeleted files from Panasonic HDD Camcorder compatible with latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. For more information, click here

Recover Files from Samsung Portable Hard Drive: Have you ever accidentally deleted or lost files from Samsung portable hard drive? If so, use My File Recovery software to restore deleted or lost files including photo, audio, video, documents, etc from formatted, reformatted or damaged Samsung portable hard drive compatible with latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. To grab more information, tap here

How to Recover Files After Windows Update: Are you thinking how to restore files after Windows update due to sudden power failure? If so, use My File Recovery software to get back files including pictures, audio, video, documents, etc after upgrding Windows operating system. For more information, click here

Recover Files from IoSafe Rugged Portable SSD: Most of the users might accidentally lose their valuable data that are present on the ioSafe Rugged Portable hard drive due to various reasons. In order, to overcome from this problem and regain data use this My File Recovery software. To know more,. click on this:

Recover Media Files from Contour Roam Camera: Have you ever accidentally pressed on "Delete" option and lost entire media files from Contour Roam Camera? If so, use My File Recovery software to restore deleted or lost media files including pictures, audio, video, etc from Contour Roam Camera with great ease. For more updated information, click here

Recover Deleted Video Files from Sony Handycam: Files such as video files can get missing from Sony Handycam due to different reasons. If you are struggling to find solution to this kind of problem, then just visit this link:

Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Infuse: With the help of My File recovery software you can easily recover deleted files from Samsung Infuse mobile phone. Apart from Samsung Infuse, it can also recover files from various other models of Samsung as well as other mobile phone brands. To know more, click here:

Recover Deleted Videos from JVC Everio Camcorder: With the help of my file recovery software you can easily retrieve deleted video files that are captured from JVC Everio Camcorder and it can also restore missing media files from Everio Camcorder. for additional information, click here:

iWork Numbers File Recovery: My File Recovery is the best iWork Numbers file recovery software package used to get back deleted or lost iWork Numbers file on Macintosh system. Visit this link: to recover iWork Numbers file on Mac system.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Apple Laptop: If you are willing to know the answer for restoring deleted files including photo, audio, video, etc from Apple Laptop. Then, you must definately visit this page

Make it easy to recover files from corrupted media card with File Recovery software in few basic steps. Visit at and explore more about corrupted media card recovery.

Files that are saved over SanDisk 32GB micro SD card, can get lost due to wide range of reasons. As the files get lost from micro SD card, people get panicked and just overwrite the files that were recently lost. Make use of the updated version this software to easily recover files that are lost from Micro SD card. Click on this URL to know more in this context:

How to recover deleted JPG files from memory card?  It not a difficult task to retrieve JPG files from memory card or from any other removable flash drive if you have installed My File Recovery software on your system. Visit at and get complete assistance to perform deleted JPG file recovery from memory card.

Recover Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card: Are you unable to access your crucial data from unreadable micro SD card? If so, employ this software to restore data including pictures audio, video, documents, etc from micro SD card compatible with Windows and Mac operating system. For complete information, click here

External hard drive data recovery software- My File Recovery is suited with easy to use and comprehensive file recovery features to offer complete and effective data recovery. Visit at to get the best external hard drive data recovery software.

Ensure fastest and complete file recovery from formatted hard drive with this comprehensive My File recovery app. Just click on and get easy assistance about entire operation.

Deleted file recovery app for Android- A great advantage of My File recovery tool is that it is perfect replacement of any deleted file recovery app for Android devices. Click on and know how to use this software to retrieve deleted files on Android.

File Recovery from Formatted USB Drive- With the aid of My File Recovery application, you experience the best recovery operation. Visit at and know how easily you can get back all files from formatted USB drive.

Now, My File Recovery application is available in new edition that can protect private and confidential files from unauthorized access. You can protect files with password on your computer hard drive or any other storage space using this link:

Are you looking for means to compress video files on Mac operating system hard drive? Just Make use of Remo MORE software, which allows compression of video files in few minutes. Click on the url, to know more:

Recently, My File Recovery application has upgraded with new features to recover data from external hardest like WD My Passport or others. If you deleted or lost file from your WD disk, visit this link to recover them successfully:

Are you looking from efficient tool to remove junk files from your MacBook Pro? No need to worry, a upgraded version of this application is launched recently to delete different types of junk files on Mac. You can follow this link to perform this operation with ease:

If you have deleted some important data from your SD card by mistake, do not worry. This application is upgraded with some added features to recover all deleted files on SD card instantly. To perform this operation easily, visit this link:

Recover your valuable files from corrupted USB memory stick with great ease. Click on and know how to perform effective and safe file recovery from corrupted USB memory stick.

Now, its possible even for the novice users to quite easily find and delete duplicate files on there computer and drastically improve speed and performance of the system simply by employing Remo MORE application. For more information, click here

Have you deleted important data from Mac Time Machine backup? No need to find any other application for recovery of deleted data. This software is enriched with new features to recover deleted files from Time Machine. To know more visit:

Now, this software has been re-designed with latest features so that you can recover data from formatted mac hard drive. Click on to know more.

Are you wondering how to recover deleted files from memory card? Do not worry!!! Just download free trial version of My File Recovery software to your computer and run it to get entire data like photos, videos, music and many more from memory card. Go to this page for more information

My File Recovery software is recently upgraded with some new features to recover lost files from computer. Using this utility, you can retrieve all types files lost after re-installing operating system on computer. To perform this recovery operation easily, follow this link:

This My File Recovery software is now more effective to recover entire data from quick formatted hard drive. If you lose your important files from any external drive due to formatting, then also you can recover them using this tool. For further help, visit this link:

Now, after employing upgraded version of this application, you can easily restore lost or deleted files from Windows 8 hard disk. Through the given link, know more about file recovery process on Windows 8 computer,

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